Sun 8th Jul 2007

Winner, best album titles in rock – lifetime award.

The most exciting thing for us this summer will be playing the Kozel Klikkfest 2007 (Kozel is a very nice Czech lager, sponsored by the Emergency Bassman) in Slovakia. I’ll let you know how it goes. We’re a bit nervous as it usual attracts well over 10,000 people, and we appear to be booked on the main stage sandwiched between a couple of death metal bands. (We did send them a cd, honest!) Anyway, headlining that night is Kabat – the No.1 rock band in the Czech Republic. Here’s a brief extract from the band’s biog ( I think you’ll agree, these boys know how to name an album…

“In the beginning, Kabát operated as a local rock band just in hometown Teplice, and its neighbourhood. The breaking point came in 1991, when the first album ‘Má ji motorovou’ (‘She has it engine-driven’) was released, followed by ‘Živě’ (‘Live’). On grounds of fan response, the band signed exclusive contract with the Monitor/EMI ČR publishing.

‘Děvky ty to znaj’ (‘Bitches, they know that’) was the first regular album produced under its belt. ‘Colorado’, ‘Země plná trpaslíků’ (‘A country full of dwarfs’), ‘Čert na koze jel’ (‘A devil riding on a goat’), ‘Mega Hu’, ‘Go, Satan! Go!’, ‘Suma Sumárum’ (‘Best of’) and ‘Dole v dole’ (‘Down in the mine’) have succeeded.”

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A picture of Kabat!

Also playing is Jimmy Cliff...

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but sadly he will be being legendary on the night before. However, we will be sharing the stage with our favourite Slovakian punk metal band Konflikt (

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who Rommy used to play drums for before discovering brushes.

Bring it on!