Thu 29th May 2008

Feel the power of his fusion lick!

Good news for all of you who like to get off on the long-haired, fingery noodlings of the widdly jazz-fusion guitar hero!

Hugely talented Scotsman, guitar nutter and all round nice guy Keith More is getting his 1999 solo album, ‘Guitar Stories’ re-released as some kind of masterclass series available through Rotosound strings.

I don’t know the full details, but it seems you get the cd, some transcripts, notes from Keith himself and other stuff if you send off for them.

Keith More can of course be heard on both ‘Spin Cycle’ and ‘spekki chris is in’ doing all the cool guitar stuff that I enjoy letting people continue to think was done by me (I feel no shame about this). But much more important was the effort, experience, enthusiasm and sheer hard work he put into mixing, engineering and producing both cds, for which I will be forever in his debt.

Anyway, the best news is that he has now put one of his videos up on youtube. Filmed in stylish monochrome, it also features Mike and Mark Mondesi (this is the same Mark Mondesi I will be seeing drumming with John McLaughlin himself at the Barbican on the 31st) all combined with just the right amount of stage hairdryers and tasteful posturing. Spot on.

Watching his fingers go like the clappers you should get an idea of just how much he has held back on the solos he recorded for Spekki Chris. Here's the link: