Mon 22nd Sep 2008

Kill me now

Just in case you were starting to think that we weren't all going straight to hell in a handbag, here's this from America: Home of the Ridiculous Website.

It's not live yet, and I hope it never will be:

"What is

StyleCaster is a cutting edge fashion and lifestyle website bringing the world the first ever devised Influence Network. Unlike Social Networking sites (i.e. Facebook) StyleCaster allows the user, free of charge, to create a profile based around their interests in style news, commerce, and fashions and recommends to the user new things they might like based upon these interests. By creating your own "virtual closet" on your profile page, you're able to influence people around the world based on your unique sense of fashion and the lifestyle you lead. Equipped with a weather component, StyleCaster will also greet the user every morning with three outfit options based on the climate in their area and the contents of their closet. StyleCaster will then recommend items for sale and in trend in your area that would match the clothes already existing in your closet. With StyleCaster you are the center of your own fashion universe."

The horror. The horror.