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Past Gigs...

Sat 20/08/05 - 7.45pm - FREE!
Old St. Mary's Church (next to the Town Hall)
Stoke Newington Church Street, N16
*AMENDMENT* I've just been informed by the organisers that this will not be a 'bring your own' affair. There will be a raffle for beer (the kind where everyone wins a prize). Smokers must remain in the graveyard to contemplate their own mortality. This is for the Stoke Newington Fringe Festival, and will be held in a very old church not 5 minutes from where I live. Which will be handy. The service will begin with a reading from none other than the Spekki Chris Popular Beat Combo, and then there will be a selection of psalms, chanting and lengthy ogan solos until the inimitable fire and brimstone preaching of Mike Gibson and the City Farmers. Mike says: "Mike Gibson and The City Farmers return to old St. Marys Church for the first time since their debut over 1 1/2 years ago to headline an Acousticism special event for Stoke Newington's Fringe festival. Ably assisted by Acousticism favourites, Louis Jones and Friends (ex Warm Jets), upcoming local alt-country femme fatale Mourning Bride and Spekki Chris's Martyn-a-like percussive acoustic playing( that's John Martyn, not Chris!) the event promises to be one of the highlights of this year's fringe. The Church on Stoke Newington Church Street just by Clissold Park, is extremely old and featured in the Domesday book. As a result this will be an event with a quite unique atmosphere. The City Farmers have played only a few live concerts in the last twelve months but have been well received wherever they go. Featuring local luminaries such as Martin Fieber of The Customtones, here showing a more down-home side to his slide playing, and Guitarists own Mathew Wig on acoustic and electric guitars - along with Godfathers founder member Mike, everyone's favourite bassist strollin' Al Kenning and hot young drummer Neil Findlay - they have a wealth of experience on which to draw. Admission is free, and you are invited to bring your own drinks. Doors at 7.30. Music between 8 and 10.30" So there you go. Bring your own booze. What wll the vicar say?

Thu 03/11/05 - 19.45 - £4 with flyer
The Slaughtered Lamb
34-35 Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 0DX
Downstairs at The Slaughtered Lamb there is a lovely room, all full of sofas and swivel chairs and spangly grooviness. There we will be playing a full Popular Beat Combo set, starting around 7.45. Love to see you there. Great Sutton Street is just of St John's Rd, right at the Clerkenwell Road end. Closest tubes are Angel (15 mins) or Farringdon (5mins) or Chancery Lane (15 mins). Check the map link for directions, and whatever you do, don't leave the path. What's on after? Here's what the man who runs the night has to say..."fine folky fare from the distinctive raw vocal chords of FRANC, also fresh on the heels our open mic and the Spitz; LOST ONES return from a musical San Franciso sabbatical with more tender but bruising acoustic anthems and killer harmonies; STUART SMITH, our regular man-on-the-door, straps his guitar on tight again for another high-energy set of amphetamine-fuelled country; and last but not least, JAMES UPHILL returns after too long, with a roar that causes landslides." So there you go.

Thu 10/11/05 - 22.15 - £2 (after 8pm)
The Green Note Cafe
106 Parkway, Camden, London NW1 7AN
This will be the first gig I have ever done at a place they call the Green Note in Camden. It's some kind of a vegetarian bar-cum-venue. Camden's not my favourite place to play (too many people wearing stupid Goth-style platform boots, and your feet seem to stick to the floor even when you're outside, but I'm making an exception for this lot because they're vegetarians so they must be nice. Also they've offered me some food. So come along if you are feeling bored on Thursday! Also on the bill will be Steve Finn and J. Owen........ Doors from 6 pm, music from 8:30 (I'll be playing last at 10.15pm). It costs £2 on the door after 8pm, free before Apparently, table bookings are recommended as it gets quite full. menawhile main courses stop being served at 8pm, with tapas and texmex served from then on. Phone: 0207 485 9899 to reserve one You can find out more details here:

Sun 27/11/05 - 21.45 - £4/£5
Hope & Anchor
207 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1RL
Well, it looks like it's the last gig of 2005 for bespectacled Folk Metal! We (Rommy and myself) shall be playing at the groovy H&A (no Al, please send letters of complaint to the BBC marked 'Who's even listening to Radio Five at that time on a Sunday night?') - at 9.45pm. Can you think of anything better to do? (If you can - Happy New Year!)

Mon 09/01/06 - 7.30 - Free! Free!
The Tinderbox Expresso Emporium
21 Upper St, Islington, London N1
Just like someone out of Friends, I will be twanging away in a coffee shop in Angel next Monday. Fancy a cuppa? Come along. It's free you know (sadly just the guitar playing - not the coffee).

Mon 30/01/06 - 22.15 - Free!
Ryan's bar,
181, Church St, in the Parish of Stoke Newington, London, N16 0UL
It's full band gig time! We'll be playing at the end of this popular open mic in the Parish of Stoke Newington. Check the map link to find out how to get there. And as it's an Open Mic, why not bring your ukulele or your kazoo? See you there!

Tue 21/02/06 - 21.00 approx - about £3
The Acoustic Lounge
18 Clapham High Street, Clapham Common, London, SW4 7UR
A trip way down South, to the Acoustic Lounge in Clapham. Sadly the stage here is too small to accommodate the enormous musical talents of Rommy and Al, so it's just me. I'm on in the middle of the night so I'm guessing that's about 9pm. I wouldn't normally consider this kind of journey on a Tuesday night, but I've heard some very good things about the venue and the quality of the people they have playing, so I'm going to give it go. And if you live in or near Clapham, why not cheer yourself up by coming along? Click the links to find out more!

Sat 04/03/06 - 9pm - Free! Free!
The Lincoln Lounge
52 York Way, Kings Cross, London
There's a change of venue here! LowKey on Saturday the 4th of March will now be held at the Lincoln Lounge, York Way, Kings Cross. The good news is, cos it's bigger we can fit Rommy in! Yes ladies and gentlemen - we have jazz drums! I suspect we'll be on round about 9pm, and it will cost you exactly nothing to come along. Some cool other people playing too, including the Dresses and Mr Catfish.

Mon 03/04/06 - 8.15 - £5
The Courtyard Theatre
10 York Way, Kings Cross
This is a lovely 70-seater theatre with a proper stage an' everything. We'll be playing alongside the crazy Dresses, and the fantastic Bev Lee Harding. Headlining will be Patrick Duff, who used to be in a band called Strangelove, and who has supported Radiohead. As we're supporting him, I figure that means that we are just one short step away from supporting Radiohead - and indeed, just two short steps away from actually being Radiohead. Tickets are £5 each and they may sell out, as the other acts are all popular high-achievers who seem to fit a whole lot more creativity and excitement into their lives than yours truly manages. Check out two of the other acts here:, . You can turn up on the night, or prebook tickets by emailing me with your full name and the number of tickets you want. And I should also add that this will be your last chance to see me at this particular theatre as they will shortly be knocking it down to make way for some kind of channel tunnel rail link malarkey. That's progress for you.

Sat 08/04/06 - 8.15 - £5 w/flyer
Up All Night at the Spice of Life
Romilly Street, W1D 5NA
It's a full band gig slap bang in the middle of London. We will be on at 8.15, and we'll be playing with 8 year-old mum, who I've never heard but who have a great name. Should be lots of fun (download a flyer for this gig here: )

Sat 22/04/06 - 8.15 - Freeeeeeee!
Downstairs at Ryans Bar
Stoke Newington Church Street
Well now. This evening is being put on by fabulous local band 'The Mysterious Benefactors'. It's not surprising then, that much of the evening remains shrouded in mystery. Questions such as 'who else is playing?' and 'what time will Spekki Chris be on?' remain unanswered. But it will be another full band gig! yay! And it's free to get in! double yay! And we're going to have a big load of fun! Yay, yay and thrice yay! See you there...

Tue 30/05/06 - 8.15 - £4/£5
The ElectroAcoustic Club
Downstairs, The Slaughtered Lamb, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, EC1
Yo! Back at the Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell. It's me and Rommy for this one, White-Stripes-stylee. You'll find the 'Lamb on Great Sutton Street, off St John's St . Having problems getting a flier from their website - if I was you I'd say you tried to download one and couldn't. It's a lovely place, with groovy sofas and upstairs you can buy the best fish finger sandwiches in London. We'll be starting at 8.15, and it's £5 to get in, or £4 with a hard to download flier.

Thu 13/07/06 - 8pm - £?
The Eden Bar
Petersfield, Hampshire
If I'm honest, I can't quite remember the name of the street, but if you ask someone in the town they'll probably tell you. Just ask for the really lovely bar...I will be playing with the awesome JC (that's Joan Coffey btw, in case you thought I've been Born Again) and we will be ripping it up in a gentle acoustic stylee from around 8. It may or may not be free to get in…

Sun 16/07/06 - 7pm - £5
Steve Finn's House
It's a Secret! Crouch End, N8
*SADLY CANCELLED* This gig will be rescheduled for some time later... Steve Finn is clearly a generous and trusting soul who has opened up his lovely crouch end home to all and sundry. Basically it's like a normal gig, except it's in someone's lovely house, with some nibbles & c laid on, no amplification and 3 great acts plus me. There's your host - Steve Finn Oscar Cainer & Kat Flint All heartily recommended Oscar says ”Music should kick off at 8:15-8:30 ish but people can get there from about 7. There will be a bit of food laid on but it's basically BYOB. It's £5 for the evening. Travel is the W7 bus from Finsbury Park Station. Steve's place is in a lovely, secluded bit of Crouch End with greenery all around in a quiet, peaceful environment. If it's a nice day we plan to possibly do the gig outside, too. It's only a short walk from Crouch End Broadway but it feels like it's in the countryside. As of such, rowdiness and rambunctiousness ought to be re-calibrated to calmness and contentment. As the gig will be purely acoustic with no amplification, it will be asked that everyone is quiet during the acts, otherwise no-one will be able to hear.” So there you go. To me it sounds like the perfect antidote to a sweaty, smokey, rip-off bar. Just remember however, that you are in Crouch End and as such are expected to behave to a certain standard. So that's no Stella. Or Strongbow. (I should hope not neither!) Fancy it? Then you should email your host at If there's still enough space he'll e-mail you back with the secret-squirrel gig directions you'll need. The whole thing should be done about 11 and there will be ample time to get the tube home.

Sat 12/08/06 - 6pm - freeeee
The Birdcage
58 Stamford Hill, London.
I'll be playing a short solo set here around 5pm, as part of the Stoke Newington Fringe festival next weekend (11th -13th August). It's pretty much the Edinburgh Festival, but just a bit more local. There should be another three or four acts on as well. I'll then be going to St Mary's Church to watch Mike Gibson of the City Farmers and our very own Al Kenning atone for their sins using the power of music in the evening.

Sun 13/08/06 - 5.45pm - freeee
The Lion
Stoke Newington Church Street
The whole gang will be doing a full set here at 5.45pm. There's a great line up here, finishing off early-evening with the Wall of Drums that is the fabulous Ballalouda.

Sun 24/09/06 - 8.00 - £5
Hope & Anchor
207 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1RL
This will almost certainly be the last UK gig before our short but intense trip to Slovakia in October. Witness the rehearsal-primed power of the three piece in full force! Assuming off course that all three of us can make it...

Mon 02/10/06 - ? - ?
Bratislava -
We don't know much details about these gigs (eg times, admission, adresses etc). But try and phone the venue if you're interested.

Tue 03/10/06 - ? - ?
Dunajska Luná
We don't know much details about these gigs (eg times, admission, adresses etc). But try and phone the venue if you're interested.

Wed 04/10/06 - ? - ?
Hlava XXII
Bratislava, Slovakia
We don't know much details about these gigs (eg times, admission, adresses etc). But try and phone the venue if you're interested.

Thu 05/10/06 - ? - ?
Samorín, Slovakia
We don't know much details about these gigs (eg times, admission, adresses etc). But try and phone the venue if you're interested.

Fri 06/10/06 - ? - ?
Na kus reči
Levice, Slovakia
We don't know much details about these gigs (eg times, admission, adresses etc). But try and phone the venue if you're interested.

Sat 07/10/06 - ? - ?
U Červeného raka
Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
We don't know much details about these gigs (eg times, admission, adresses etc). But try and phone the venue if you're interested.

Tue 31/10/06 - 8.30 pm - £4/£5
The Electroacoustic Club @ The Slaughtered Lamb, (downstairs)
34-35 Great Sutton Street, London EC1V 0DX
So you can either go around intimidating pensioners in exchange for sweets, or you can check out the first Spekki Chris gig since we got back from Eastern Europe. Now that I've managed to digest most of the sausage it's time for us to play at the loverly Slaughtered Lamb again. Located in Clerkenwell, just a little poncy scooter ride away for all you media types, it's also home of the finest fishfinger sandwiches I've ever tasted. Mmmm. We're on at 8.30 sharp, and may be featuring a brand new mystery musician... It's also a certain bass player's birthday, so it should be a busy one. To celebrate this, we will be selling some of the remaining copies of the Slovakia mixes (£2.50 a go!) but this will be the only time they will be available so there.

Mon 06/11/06 - 10.00 - £5
Curious Generation at Teatro
Teatro, 93 - 107 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 5DY
On Monday 6th we shall be making an expedition into the West End, to the delightful Teatro in Soho, where we will be headlining. Because this is Soho and they do things differently, you can't just turn up and buy a ticket (and certainly not dressed like that!) Instead you need to email me at and I will put your name on the guest list so that a ticket will be reserved for you. Or you can preorder tickets here: You could always turn up and chance your arm, but I can't guarantee anything! See you there! c

Sun 19/11/06 - 19.00 - Freeeee!
Downstairs at the Lion
Stoke Newington Church St, London N16
Downstairs with the full band and supporting the wonderful Ballalouda. This is free and starts around 5pm. We'll be on around 7! Bring your dancing shoes!

Sat 25/11/06 - 14.30 ish - Freeee!
The Green Note
106 Parkway, Camden Town, London, NW1 7AN
Just my little spekkled self for this afternoon gig at the lovely Green Note. It's being organised by the ever-groovy Joan Coffey, so expect organic beer, great music and some truly terrible jokes. I reckon it's probably free too. From 2.30pm.

Sun 26/11/06 - 17.00 - freeeee
The Birdcage
58 Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington N16 6XS
Short notice Sunday afternoon gig at the Birdcage - worth coming along if only to see the high octane blues fury of the CustomTones, who will be playing after us.

Sun 26/11/06 - 17.00 - freeeee
The Birdcage
58 Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington N16 6XS
Short notice Sunday afternoon gig at the Birdcage - worth coming along if only to see the high octane blues fury of the CustomTones, who will be playing after us.

Sat 09/12/06 - maybe 9? - around £4?
The Others
6-8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington (Stamford Hill end above the snooker centre)
We're supporting the Washington Rays for this as they launch their new album, by smashing a tiny bottle of champagne against its case and chucking it out into the crowd. Hear them play and I'll be surprised if you don't buy one. No idea of time or cost really, but it will be fairly chaotic and should feature the entire band in full pre-Christmas cheer. Yay!

Thu 14/12/06 - 8.00pm - £4
The Green Note.
106 Parkway, Camden Town, London, NW1 7AN
Back to the Green Note for more organic beer. But this time it's a Thursday night (not Tuesday - sorry!) with more great music and Oscar's own special brand of terrible jokes. Top fun. It's probably around about £4.

Sat 03/03/07 - 8pm - £5
The Perseverance
11 Shroton St., Marleybone, London NW1 6UG
'In The Round' with Joan Coffey & Astrid Brook This will be a great evening, organised by David Sherwood from the VAC. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing either Joan or Astrid perform before, then you're in for a real treat. ‘In the round' means we will be playing one song each in turn (rather than just buying each other drinks).

Sun 18/03/07 - 18.30 - £0.00
The Big Chill House
257-259 Pentonville Road King's Cross, N1 9NL
A whole afternoon of fun organised by, and climaxing with, the Bikini Beach Band! It's Sunday afternoon, it's free, and its family friendly - what more do you want?

Sat 14/04/07 - 8.30 - free
The White Hart
Stoke Newington High St, Stoke Newington N16
This is a whole band gig! Supporting the Washington Rays! We like the Washington Rays!

Sat 28/04/07 - 6-12 - £3
26 Smithfield
26 Smithfield St, Smithfields,EC1A 9LB
This is a 'minifest' apparently, and should have a big load of other acts playing. We're on (the whole band with luck) at 9.30 sharp. Starts around 7 or 8pm. On the first floor at what I suspect is quite a swanky venue.

Sat 05/05/07 - 8pm - £0.00
The Perseverance
11 Shroton Street, Marylebone, London, NW1 6UG
A nice cosy evening at the Percy. Fine fish and chips and groovy music, 'in the round', as is now quite the fashion. Free to get in, starts at 8pm sharp and some fantastic acts on: Neil Luckett, yours truly, & Rich Barnard. Check out the other artists:

Sun 03/06/07 - 9.30 - £5/ £4.50
The Hope & Anchor
207 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1RL
Oh yes. It's June's most exciting gig: All the thrills of a full Spekki band gig! The heart-stopping excitement of being downstairs at the Hope & Anchor! The exhilaration of seeing some serious special guests! The pant-wetting shock of seeing all the other great bands on the same bill! And not forgetting the nail-biting tension as we see whether or not the cds actually make it back from the cd factory in time! Copies of the new album will probably be available! For you to buy!

Thu 14/06/07 - 8.30 - 3/4
The Perseverance
11 Shroton St., Marleybone, London NW1 6UG
On at around 9 at the lovely Percy. Make a night of it and buy some great fish and chips as well! Catch you soon!

Wed 27/06/07 - 20.00 - £5/ £4
Electroacoustic @ The Slaughtered Lamb
34-35 Great Sutton Street, London, EC1V 0DX
27 Jun 2007, 21:00 - Electroacoustic Club @ The Slaughtered Playing at the London Calling Showcase, along with THE MASTER CHAYNJIS, JOSH BRAY, THE HANGING ROPES and guests. Just off Clerkenwell Road at one of London's best small venues. Doors 8.00pm. I'll be on a round 9.00pm £5/£4 NUS / Free to LC Delgates.

Mon 30/07/07 - 21.30 - £3/£4
Dead or Alive @ The Old Queen's Head
4THE OLD QUEEN'S HEAD, 44 Essex Road, Islington, N1 (off Upper St)
It's the last gig before our Slovakian tour! This is a beautiful big upstairs room, and should be a corker of an evening. We'll be on at 9.30pm. The full lineup is: The GB Steam Trains/ Spekki Chris/ Alice {music}/ Daniel Rachel/ Skopje The evening will commence at 7.30pm. See you there!

Mon 06/08/07 - 20.00
Hlava XXII
Bratislava, Slovakia
We're on tour! Back in the place with all the strange clay heads.

Tue 07/08/07 - 20.00
somewhere in...
Pezinok, Slovakia
I know nothing about this gig

Wed 08/08/07 - 20.00
somewhere in...
Piestany, Slovakia
I know nothing about this gig

Thu 09/08/07 - 20.00
Samorín, Slovakia
Very nice bar...

Fri 10/08/07 - 23.30
Kozel Klikkfest, 2007
Nove Zamsky, Slovakia
We are now not on the main stage with the death metal bands (phew!) but are instead finishing off the second stage with the weird pop bands (eek!) Check out the festival here, if you think you might be in Eastern Europe next weekend:

Sun 26/08/07 - 9.15 - £5/6
The Hope & Anchor
207 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1RL
I'll be playing a short notice gig at the Hope & Anchor this Sunday (August 26th) at 9.20. I can't upload a flyer at the moment, but why not get a piece of paper and a marker and write: ‘I want to see Spekki! Sun 26th August. He told me this would do as a flyer.' And everything will be all right. Trust me. Remember, it's a bank holiday on Monday, so it's a perfect opportunity to stay dry for an hour or two without worrying about having to get up early the next day. Cool!

Tue 11/09/07 - 8.30 - Free?
ongwriters Anonymous @ Biddle Bros
88 Clapton Rd, Clapton, Hackney, London
:Rescheduled from August the 28th. Very lovely small venue in the heart of deepest Clapton. On about 9ish...

Thu 22/11/07 - 8.30 - ?
Head music at the Scolt Head, Culford St, Islington N1
107A Culford Road, London, N1 4HT
Very short notice gig at this pub that used to be called the Sussex. Also playing will be the fabulous Mal Darwin. Close to Dalston Kingsland and on the 76 bus route.

Sun 09/12/07 - 20.00 - F-f-f-free!
Downstairs at The (Red) Lion
132 Stoke Newington Church St, N16 0JX
Sunday is the new Saturday apparently, which is why we'll be doing a full on, full band gig at the lovely Lion, starting around 8pm, followed by the totally unbeatable Carnival-in-a-pub that is Ballalouda. They rock. It's a big Sunday. And it's all free. Sweet!

Wed 09/01/08 - 9pm - £5/£4
The Big Note Club
Hope & Anchor- 207 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1R
I'll be dusting the cobwebs off me strings and playing very fast to try and get my right arm fit after Christmas excesses. Short notice solo (probably) gig at my favourite venue. Lovely to see you there! I'll be on at 9pm...

Sun 13/01/08 - 8pm - £not much
The Cross Kings, King's Cross
126 York Way, King Cross, N1 0AX London
The first band gig of 2008 sees us in Kings X as a piano trio at this evening hosted by the outrageously talented, and quite frankly weird, David Goo. Expect old songs, new songs and some weirdness. Not sure when we'll be on - I suspect after 8...

Sun 27/01/08 - Free!
Music Born @ the Edinburgh Cellars
125 Newington Green Road, Newington Green, London N1 4RA
I'll be playing 4 songs here. It's solo, it'll be recorded, and there will be blinkin' loads of other cool people playing. I'll be on around 8.45 pm...

Wed 13/02/08 - 8.15 - £5/£4
The Big Note Club
Hope & Anchor- 207 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1R
It's a full band gig! Come one! Also it's a certain young gentleman's birthday. Of course, being the consummate professional that he is, not a single drop will pass his youthful lips till after the last note has faded. However if you fancy coming along for a quick drink please do. At least one new song will be played!

Sun 17/02/08 - 8 - Freekin Free!
Sixes and Sevens at the Cedar Rooms
235 Upper Street, Highbury N1 1RU
This used to be the Lush Bar and it's just up the road from Highbury and Islington station towards Angel. Never played there before but it's run by the same people who run the fabulous and uber-fashionable ElectroAcoustic Club and I believe it takes place in an upstairs room. I also believe that the cost of entry is Freekin Free! A solo spot sometime after 8pm

Thu 06/03/08 - 21.00 - ?
The World's End
Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, London N4
Very short notice cancellation. Onstage at 9!

Fri 14/03/08 - 21.00 - £3
Ballalouda Party Night
Downstairs at Ruby, 232 Kingsland Rd Shoreditch, E2 8AX
It's a Ballalouda party night. Starts at 8pm, ends at 5am. We'll be on doing our thing at around 9.15pm. Then the carnival will commence. Bring your dancing shoes, and a whistle. And don't worry - it's at the less poncey end of Shoreditch where a normal conversation can be had with relative ease.

Wed 19/03/08 - 22.00 - £4/£5
Bignote @ The Hope & Anchor
Upper Street. Islington - nr Highbury & Islington tube
Playing with the Emergency Bassman in this last minute cancellation at the lovely H&A. We'll be onstage at 10pm.

Thu 27/03/08 - ? - £not too much
71 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 6RB
We will be playing this as a full band gig. Groovy basement bar in fashionable, faded Fitzrovia. The evening begins at 8.30 and will be a full-on Spekki experience. We will be being filmed for this gig so make sure you scrub up well to get past security. I will be dusting off my spangly lycra one-piece jumpsuit and selecting something special from my wig collection. As for the rest of the band, we can but guess. They say: "Reflectionshhh offers an exotic and inspirational taste of the world, in its diverse offerings of live music and art. " So there...

Wed 02/04/08 - 8.30 pm - FREEE
Biddle Bros Bar
88 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton E5 0QR
A great bar deep in the heart of darkest Lower Clapton. I tell you - this place is the new Hoxton (God help all who live there). I'll be playing some time between 8.30 and 10 solo. Come along and enjoy.

Sat 05/04/08 - 22.30 - F-f-f-free!
138 Shoreditch High Street, Shoreditch. London.
What's that you say? A gig in Shoreditch? On a Saturday night? For free? Yes. And it's full band, baby. Gibbo's. Just by Old Street. Free in - but you have to email me to get on the guest list (yes, it's that exclusive). Emails to info[AT]spekkichris[DOT]com See you there! Here's the line-up - Jont 8.45 - 9.15 - Guess what - 9.30 - 10.00 - Pissinboy - 10.15 - 10.45 - Spekki chris - 11.00 - 11.30 Bar is till 2.30 am

Tue 08/04/08 - 8.30 - Freee
The Goldhawk Sessions
The Goldhawk, 122-124 Goldhawk Rd, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 8HH
I will be playing this groovy evening with Al way, way up West where all the cowboys live. More details soon...

Thu 29/05/08 - 20.00 - Freee!
The Scolt Head
107a Culford Rd Islington N1 4HT
Come and watch Abi Hercules & The Easy Tigers play new tunes from the next album with (freakin' amazing) guests The Amazing Singing Dentists ( and also me on for a short set first... Nearest tube stations: Highbury and Islington or Liverpool Street or Angel. Buses 242, 243, 38, 76, 73, 56, 141

Mon 09/06/08 - 21.30 - free
Jrink Soho
62 Frith St, W1D 3JN
On Monday 9th of June we will be descending on Soho to play at the entertainingly named Jrink. This is not a roller disco, but rather a posh soho drinking venue, and the night is run by the lovely feed the monkey crowd. It's FREE to get in, it's a full band gig and we'll be on for a short set at 9.30 pm.

Sat 14/06/08 - ?? - Free
The village green, Trowse, nr Norwich
Trowse, nr Norwich, Norfolk, The Countryside.
CANCELLED! Due to the Parish Council's hatred of the kids! On June 14th I will be getting myself a straw and chewing it firmly as I head off to Trowse 2008. Love to see you there, if any of you can find it. (Clue: it's somewhere in Norfolk). More festival/s to be announced soon.

Fri 27/06/08 - 21.00 - £5
The Five Families present The Long Good Friday at the 229
229 Great Porland Street, London , W1W 5PN
We are looking forward to playing at the fashionable 229 in Great Portland Street (only 1 minute from Great Portland Street or 5 minutes from Warren Street. Here's the line-up: Shoes/ Little Emperor/ Spekki Chris/ Lucky Elephant. We're on third and after us is the wonderful Lucky Elephant and their 70s-inspired hi-jinx. Spot on! It's a 'student priced' late bar (whatever that means). There will be DJ's Bloody Awful Poetry afterwards till 1am and it's £5 in. See you there!

Wed 23/07/08 - 21.30 - Free
The Edinburgh Cellars
125 Newington Green Road, London N1 4RA
There are no drums allowed here because the owners are afraid of loud noises, so Al, Callum and I will be playing a rhythmically challenged set. It's very free to get in, but if you can't make it you'll be able to here it recorded by visiting Here's the full line up: Orpheus Dead Lisa Crawley Spekki Chris Owen Duff

Sun 27/07/08 - 17.00 - £3
The Boogaloo
312 Archway Road (the Highgate end - walking distance from the tube)
Playing solo during the afternoon at The Boogaloo, sometime between 4 and 8. This is a great excuse for spending the whole of Sunday afternoon drunk. There's also a DJ, there will be a BBQ out in the beer garden and a vintage clothes stall (no, I don't know why either). It costs £3 to get in.

Wed 06/08/08 - 20.30 - £5
The Hope & Anchor
207 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1
On at 8.30 doing a solo spot at what remains my favourite venue. Why not come along and enjoy the air conditioning?

Sun 10/08/08 - afternoon - freeee
FinFuture Festival, Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park
Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park
We will be playing this festival in Blackstock road some time between 12 and 6pm. And when I say 'in Blackstock Road' I mean in Blackstock Road! And I quote: "On Sunday, August 10th, 2008, Blackstock Road, N4 will hold a ‘Festival Of The Senses' where you can come see, hear, taste and feel the delights of Blackstock Road. It will be a day where we hope locals will come along and celebrate this diverse and unique area and all it has to offer." See, hear, taste and feel the delights of Blackstock Road. How can you possibly resist? We will be on at 14.30 in the afternoon right outside City and Islington College. Full band and free.

Sun 07/09/08 - 22.00 - £5
The Hope & Anchor
207 Upper St, Angel, Islington
I'll be playing a short notice solo gig at the Hope & Anchor (207 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1, nr Highbury & Islington Tube). I'll be on at 10 and this is apparently a ‘mini-summer festival' with a chill out tent and everything (although from memory the whole of the Hope & Anchor remains indoors). If we can convince the pub to turn the air conditioning off it will probably be quite a lot warmer down there than outside too. It's round about a fiver to get in and there will be other quality acts, you mark my words.

Fri 19/09/08 - 21.00 - Freee!
The Zenith Bar
125 Packington Street, Angel, Islington London N1 7EA
This is a full band gig at the Zenith Bar (125 Packington Street, N1 7EA - that's off Essex Road). This is a new venue run by the nice people at Music born and is only the second event there, so come along for Friday fun!

Sat 11/10/08 - 21.30 - £4/£5
The Spice of Life
6 Moor Street., Cambridge Circus, London, W1D 5NA
If it's Saturday night and you're not in Soho - well there's something wrong with you. And on Saturday October 11th you can combine being stylish and metropolitan with Folk Metal (which doesn't happen very often). This is a full Saturday Night Special band gig and we'll be playing in The Basement Bar at The Spice of Life. The Spice of Life is an over 18s venue, so if you, like me, look under 18 and cannot produce ID you might not get in... Here's the line-up 8.00 Fin 8.30 Ben Howard 9.00 Jamie Abbott 10.00 Spekki Chris I think it's going to be around £4 to get in.

Mon 27/10/08 - 8.00pm - Free
Owlsworld's Acoustic Session by Candlelight
The Cock Inn, Church Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6HH
This traditional 17th Century English pub, complete with Inglenook log fireplace is a long way out. The nearest station is Chorleywood - it's on the Metroplitan line, somewhere near Scotland. I'll be on at around 8.00pm and there will be another 2 acts on later. Entry is freakin' free!

Fri 07/11/08 - 8.30 - £4
IKToms at Liberties Bar
100 Camden High Street, Camden.
I'll be playing at this weekly evening of completely unplugged and acoustic music, held upstairs at The Liberties Bar, 100 Camden High Street, Camden. No amps no mics no nothin'. So come along and watch my shout my little lungs out. Entry is £4, which is great value, even though it is in Camden.

Fri 07/11/08 - 8.30 - £4
IKToms at Liberties Bar CANCELLED!
100 Camden High Street, Camden.
Cancelled due to organisational incompetence from yours truly I'll be playing at this weekly evening of completely unplugged and acoustic music, held upstairs at The Liberties Bar, 100 Camden High Street, Camden. No amps no mics no nothin'. So come along and watch my shout my little lungs out. Entry is £4, which is great value, even though it is in Camden.

Fri 14/11/08 - 21.00 - Freee!
Musicborn @ The Zenith Bar
125 packington street London, London and South East N1
On Friday November 14th we'll be returning to the Zenith Bar in Angel, where we'll be getting our elbows out and giving it a bit of all that. It's a full band Friday night gig with free entry and a late bar in a great venue. You'll find the Zenith Bar at 125 Packington Street, Angel, N1. Gertcha!

Tue 25/11/08 - 20.30 - Freee!
Songwriters Anonymous @ Biddle Bros
Biddle Bros. 88 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0QR
Yet more proof (as if you needed it) that Clapton is the new Hoxton, only with less hipsters and more nutters. This night will also feature the reclusive guitar maestro David Einstein who will be making a rare foray outside the walls of his Homerton fortress to join me. Free entry too! Not to be missed.

Wed 17/12/08 - 21.00 - £5/£4/£3
Myspace or Yours @ The Vibe Bar
The Truman Brewery. 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL  
Christmas at the Vibe Bar. It's a full band gig in the throbbing neart of Brick Lane - sweet! Go for a christmas curry and then come and digest it in our company. And in case you suspected that the Myspace link was merely for show, you'll find it actually costs £5/£4 on the door, but only £3 if you're one of my Myspace friends. But how can you prove it? By telling the nice people on the door the name of my favourite biscuits. That's right - fig rolls! Over 21s only.

Sun 11/01/09 - 20.00 - £3
Pangea Project
It's time for our first Stokey gig of 2009!. You'll find this cool new venue just opposite Morrisons, just past the Birdcage and on the 73, 67, 149, 243, 76, 476 and 349 bus routes. It's a full band gig, and we'll be playing for longer than usual, so more spekki for your money! Music will start no later than 9 and it costs £3 to get in with a DJ after. There may be cheap drinks offers too. Brilliant!

Sun 11/01/09 - 20.00 - £3
Pangea Project
It's time for our first Stokey gig of 2009!. You'll find this cool new venue just opposite Morrisons, just past the Birdcage and on the 73, 67, 149, 243, 76, 476 and 349 bus routes. It's a full band gig, and we'll be playing for longer than usual, so more spekki for your money! Music will start no later than 9 and it costs £3 to get in with a DJ after. There may be cheap drinks offers too. Brilliant!

Fri 16/01/09 - 20.00 - £3
Variety Is The Spice Of Life at the OLD TICKET HALL
Windsor Eton Riverside Station, Windsor, Berks SL4 1QG
This is lovely Mr Owl's best of 2008 variety sow. Lots of great acts playing. Maybe her Maj will come along - who knows? I'll be on between 8 and 9ish. Here's some blurb: “Owlsworld presents, A quirky variety night showcasing some of my favorite acts from 2008 SUNDAY'S CHILD + DAVID GOO + NEWRISING + SPENCE THE POET + ASHLEY FRIEZE + SPEKKI CHRIS + SPACEGIRL.”

Sat 28/02/09 - 7.30 - £3
Virtually Acoustic Showcase at The Perseverance
11 Shroton Street, Marylebone, London, NW1 6UG
Two mins from Marylebone Tube. With Astrid Brook, Jude Edwin-Scott & Mary Leay, Mike Rosenberg. Doors 7:30pm - £3. Very close to a very, very good fish and chip shop. Mmmm.

Sun 22/03/09 - 21.00 - Free!
Wax Jambu
144-145 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1QY
This Sunday, I'll be at Wax Jambu, joined by Rommy on his brand new, shiny Cahon (or Spanish drum box if you want the technical term). There are a few open mic spots and then I believe we'll be playing around 9.30pm. This place has cocktails. Oh yes.

Wed 08/04/09 - from 8 pm - Freee!
Pangea Project
We're back at the Pangea Project. It's a full band gig with support from none other than the fantastic Joan Coffey ( And it's all free. So there's no excuse really is there? You'll find Pangea just opposite Morrisons, just past the Birdcage and on the 73, 67, 149, 243, 76, 476 and 349 bus routes.

Tue 21/04/09 - 21.00 - Free
Musicborn Free Gig - Cafe 1001
Cafe 1001, 1 Dray Walk, 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL
This is on Tuesday 21st of April, not Weds 22nd as I suggested in the last mailout. It's a not-to-be-missed free gig at a great venue on ever-so-fashionable Brick Lane. It's gonna be a good one, and we may even showcase some new material, although this will depend upon whether or not I can remove my finger from my arse in time to finish writing. Completely free - we're on around 9ish.

Wed 06/05/09 - 9.15 - £5/£4/£3
Myspace or Yours @ The Vibe Bar
The Truman Brewery - 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL
One gig in Brick Lane just isn't enough for us. So here's another one. Most likely to be myself and Rommy (He of the big Cahon(es)). As before the Myspace link is not merely for show, you'll find it actually costs £5/£4 on the door, but only £3 if you're one of my Myspace friends. But how can you prove it? By telling the nice people on the door the name of my favourite biscuits. That's right - it's still fig rolls! Over 21s only.

Thu 04/06/09 - 9.00 - ?
Showcase55 (George & Vulture pub, Shoreditch)
63 Pitfield Street,London, N1 6BU
Our first gig for the nice people at Showcase 55. They also record the show and broadcast it as a podcast, so if you can't be arsed to leave the house on a lovely Thursday like this, you can listen to the gig here: Don't blame me if you get fat and die of heart disease though...

Sat 27/06/09 - 8.40 - £5
Big Note @ The Enterprise
2 Haverstock Hill, Camden NW3 2BL
Full band gig - great venue. This is the first time we've ever been up the Enterprise. Insert your favourite Star Trek joke here… Nearest tube stations Chalk Farm, Kentish Town West, Camden Town Nearest train stations Kentish Town West, Camden Road, Kentish Town

Sat 01/08/09 - 15.00 - £7
The Barker Band Barndance, Freightliner's City Farm
Sheringham Road, London, N7 8PF
And I quote: "The Barker Band Barn Dance, Freightliner´s Farm - The 4th Annual Barker Band Barn Dance will be held this year on a city farm. Featuring 6 live bands, a top square dance caller backed by live music. Food, licenced bar, fun, games, DJ, and sheep. Acts confirmed are, JettBlack, Norton Money, Fastlane Roogalator, Scorpionface, Spekki Chris and of course The Barker Band." I'm due on around 3.30 - 4pm, although one word used by the organisers has been 'chaotic' so it's anyone's guess. Last Saturday I met the winner of last year's 'most drunk punter' award. This year - who knows? It could be you! Get tickets in advance from:

Sat 22/08/09 - not sure - free
Stoke Newington Fringe @ Lemon Monkey
Stoke Newington High Street, London
An Acousticism event at this posh cafe. Not sure about times etc, but it's one of many great events at the world's biggest 'Fringe without a Festival'.

Sun 06/09/09 - 20.30 - £3
Bignote @ the Hope and Anchor
207 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 1RL
Short notice gig. I'll be playing around 8.30 with Rommy. Rommy will have his drumkit-in-a-box, and I may well have the new 70s-in-a-box thingy that has popped out at the last couple of gigs. Best of all, you can get in at a special bargain price of £3!

Fri 11/09/09 - 8.00pm - £5
Pangea Project
72 Stamford Hill, London, N16 6XS - opposite Morrisons, just up from the Birdcage
This is a charity gig for the Zimbabwe High Schools Debating Festival (run by the Zimbabwe Youth Development Trust). It costs £5 to get in - every penny goes to the debate festival. There it'll buy tasty food, cool prizes and enthusiastic staffing at the Zimbabwe High Schools Debating Festival. (Talk is cheap, but prizes aren't - especially in Zimbabwe where you need a wheelbarrow instead of a wallet.) It's just us, which means you can enjoy SpekkiChris playing for probably well over an hour, in the lovely surroundings of the fantastic Pangea Project, all the time feeling good about yourself.

Fri 16/10/09 - 20.00 - £3
The Virtually Acoustic Showcas
The Perseverance, 11 Shroton Street, Marylebone, London NW1 6UG
A chance to come along to the wonderful Virtually Acoustic and hear yours truly and at least three other fantastic artists. Starts at around 8. Very close to a very good chippy for fishy Friday fun!

Sat 28/11/09 - 19.45 - £10
Virtually Acoustic at The Perseverance (supporting Edwina Hayes)
The Perseverance, 11 Shroton Street, Marylebone, London, NW1 6UG
I've been asked by the lovely and super-talented Edwina Hayes to do a short support set before her at the Perseverance. So I've obviously said yes. I'll be playing at 8pm sharp. You can reserve tickets in advance from or

Wed 06/01/10 - 8.00 - £4
Softly Softly @ The Albert and Pearl
The Albert and Pearl 181 Upper Street, islington N1 1RQ
AMENDMENT! This is on Wednesday 6th, not Tuesday 5th as I wrote earlier because I am an idiot. First solo gig of the new decade! - playing at the very quiet Softly Softly in their new home in the Albert and Pearl. It's upstairs, spread across two rooms. In one you'll find me playing solo and unamplified (so none of my trademark Michael Jackson style tricks with the mic stand this time), followed by Oliver Talkes and Cate Ferris. In the other is a jam session (and a bar) so you can take an instrument, get drunk and make some noise. It's a great venue - like playing in someone posh's drawing room - and I'll be first at around 8-8.30. Perfect, peaceful entertainment if your head's still a bit sore and you just endured the first day back at work of the new year.

Mon 18/01/10 - 8.30 - Freee!
Musicborn free gig @ 93 Feet East
93 Feet East 150 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU
First band gig of a new decade! That means more new songs and a spot alongside Rob Cowen and his Dissidents, who we haven't seen for ages. 93 Feet East is a great venue - and this gig is 100% free. Sweet!

Sat 30/01/10 - 8.30 - Free!
Umbrella Closing Night!
Unit 10 d, Omegaworks, 167 HERMITAGE RD, N4 1LZ
This will be an entertaining evening no doubt. When looking for purveyors of 'Mash up party vibes' the organiser immediately thought of yours truly. The venue is a little tricky to find - Unit D is on the left, up the fire escape. Just wander around listening for the mash up party vibes and you'll be fine. It starts at 8.00, it's free and I'll be on between 8.30 and 10. In Dan's words... END OF THE WORLD CABARET!!! KISS THE JOY AS IT FLIES, THIS IS THE LAST DAY HERE... MASH UP PARTY VIBES ALL NIGHT featuring... Russell Bond, Olivia Lectric, Lucia Tong's 'the drum machine', Spekki Chris

Fri 05/02/10 - 10.00 - 5/6
Camden Rock
18 Kentish Town Road London, NW1 9LJ
An acoustic night on a Friday in sticky old Camden? How times change... We're headlining the night with plenty of new material. Other people playing include, Mahesh Collins, Claire B and Stuart Knowles. Come along - I'll be wearing the Friday Unicorns T shirt!

Sat 13/02/10 - 23.00 - £10/6
Captain Zapi's Rolling Revue @ The Aquarium CANCELLED
The Aquarium, Old Street, Shoreditch, United Kingdom, EC1V 9DD
CANCELLED! Sorry guys...

Mon 01/03/10 - 21.00 - £6/5
The Source below, Soho
11 Lower John Street Soho London W1F 9TY
Playing downstairs in this nice-looking place, along with Emily Green and Chris Macaree. I'll be on around 9pm. Solo is the way I'll mostly be rolling tonight…

Fri 12/03/10 - 19.30
Private party, Arena Design Centre,
71 Ashfield Rd, London N4 1NY
Playing for the neighbours.

Thu 18/03/10 - 9.15 - Free!
Showcase 55 at the King's Head
214 High Street, London W3 9NX
It's time for a full band extravaganza at the new Showcase 55 in deepest, darkest Acton (but comfortingly close to the tube). It's at the Kings Head, it's 100% free and we're on at 21.15. If there's more to find out, you'll find it here:

Tue 23/03/10 - 6.30-8.30
Carolina Khouri Private View
POSK Gallery, 238-246 King Street, London W6 0RF
Amazing paintings from my friend Carolina, and me in the corner singing some songs.

Thu 10/06/10 - 8.30 - 5
Arch 635
15 - 16 Lendal Terrace, Clapham North, London SW4 7UX
The Arch is 30 seconds from Clapham North Tube on the Northern Line I'm on at 8.30 (solo-style) and I think it's £5.

Wed 16/06/10 - 8 - 8
Pizza Express
The Pheasantry, 152-154 Kings Road, Chelsea SW3
Here's what the organiser of this night has to say: “Enjoy rueful pop from Annalie Wilson, burlesque fun from Esther Flatters political rock (sic) from Spekkie (sic) Chris, boogie-woogie piano from Clive Henderson, gentle folk-pop from Ellen Huttu-Hansen and New York's finest - Maya Levy - will entertain you with her comic songs Look forward to seeing you there - anyone attending gets a personal hug and kiss from me!” Importantly, you can't get tickets on the door for this - it's RSVP only (well this isn't Pizza Hut you know) and tickets are £8, and if you like cheesy bread they do lots of it. So remember - if you want to come and show off your miniskirt and/or Chelsea boots on the Kings Road with me next week, please email me in advance.

Sat 26/06/10 - 6
Private Event: Beverley Golf Club
Beverley, N Humberside

Sun 18/07/10 - 8 - freee!
Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way, London WC1H 9EU
It's free, and bowling is cheap. It's a fantastic, no holds barred full band gig and it's now been confirmed that we will not be playing at the end of one of the lanes on the slippery bit. They have some kind of a stage.

Fri 08/10/10 - 9.00 - ?
Virtually Acoustic Club at the Perseverance
Perseverance, 11 Shroton Street, London NW1 6UG
Back to the lovely Perseverance. Not sure who else is playing, but they're always great - as is the audience, who can usually be relied upon for some nice harmony singing. This may be free, or £3 - I can't remember. I'm on around 9.30.

Thu 25/11/10 - 9.30 - Freee!
In Thursdays W.E. Trust, the World's End
21-23 Stroud Green Road, London N4 3EF
A rare appearance at the World's End pub in Finsbury Park. Thursday 25th November. Free entry. Show starts 8.30pm. Playing: Spekki Chris (10pm), Tabitha Benjamin, Kettling Vultures, Dawson (8.30pm).

Sun 08/05/11 - 15:30 - Freee
The Incubator
1 Overbury Road, London, N15 6RH
Let's do an official album launch! The fun starts on Sunday around 3.30pm with a barbecue and cocktails (unless it's raining and we can't be bothered to make cocktails) but rest assured, there will be something to drink. Music starts at 6, with the fantastic City Farmers ( The full spekki chris band experience will be on around 7pm, hopefully with at least one special guest! Don't forget - if you join the mailing list you will qualify for a discount on the new album (head for the 'contact' section.)

Tue 31/05/11 - 20.00 - £4
Softly Softly
Kiss The Sky, 7-9 Pond Street, Hampstead, NW3 2PN
It's a new location for this lovely unamplified club. Be careful not to get psychedelic venue 'Kiss the Sky' confused with the nearby gay bar, 'Kiss this Guy'. It's just a few minutes' walk away from Hampstead Heath overground station. Also playing you'll find: The Glue Ensemble (quirky, folky acoustica) Daniel Champagne (spectacular guitar playing Australian visiting these shores). I'll be on about 9pm

Fri 03/06/11 - 20.00 - Free
Showcase55 @The Kings Head
214 High St, Acton, London, W3 9NX, UK
Back to Acton with the nice Showcase 55 people. This is a big old pub and it's a Friday night, so should be a bit of a knees up. I believe that Acton Central is nearest tube...

Sun 21/08/11 - 15:45 - Freee
The Luxe, Spitalfields
109 Commercial St London, BDF, UK E1 6BG
In the heart of Spitalfields Market in yer actual East End is the Luxe (which used to be the Spitz). Now it has four floors of eating and drinking, and one floor of music (the basement). I've never been here before, but it sounds posh (they have a meat list). Come along and check it out.. It's free and I'll be playing at a civilised 3:45 in the afternoon.

Fri 02/09/11 - 20.00 - Freee
The King's Head
214 High St London, UK W3 9NX
Back to Acton again with the nice Showcase 55 people. This is a big old pub and it's a Friday night, so should be a bit of a knees up. Also playing will be I believe that Acton Central is nearest tube.

Thu 24/11/11 - 19.30 - £0-£4
The Loading Bay Gallery, Brick Lane
Dray Walk, London E1
Last Spekki gig of 2011! Thursday 24th November Theatre and Music Night Loading Bay Gallery, Dray Walk, London E1 7:30pm- 11:00pm A wonderful medley of performers are getting together to put on a night of theatre, performance and art all in aid of Freedom from Torture. There is a suggested £4 donation for entry.

Sat 24/03/12 - 8 - £12
Kiss the Sky
7-9 Pond Street, Hampstead, London, NW3 2PN
SOLD OUT Brilliant! I'm supporting the fantastic Edwina Hayes at The Virtually Acoustic Club at Kiss the Sky. Promises to be a great evening... Here's what Eds has to say about it (She's so lovely she uses kisses instead of full stops!) "Im so happy to be returning to play at The Virtually Acoustic Club in London as it has been a year or two since I last played x The club has since moved from Marylebone to a lovely new venue called Kiss The Sky in Hampstead but like last time it will be an intimate acoustic evening with the lovely and talented singer/songwriter Spekki Chris once again opening the night with a fantastic set x Tickets are £12 and are available to purchase in advance only due to the limited space at the venue x Last time tickets were also available on the door which led to the room being a little over-full! x Stations nearest the venue are Belsize Park Tube and Hampstead Heath Overground x

Sun 22/04/12 - 6.30 - Free!
The Spice of Life
6 Moor St, Soho, London W1D 5NA
It's a good line up is this one. And it's free to get in. And it finishes at an entirely work-friendly 10.15. Sadly, it was too short notice for the full band to appear, but perhaps a special guest or two will turn up? Who knows? Spekki Chris - 9:30 to 10:15pm + Johnny Du Toit - 8:45 to 9:15pm + Polly Money - 8:00 to 8:30pm

Sun 27/05/12 - 7:30 - Freee!
The Harrison
28 Harrison Street, London, United Kingdom WC1H 8JF
I will be playing in the new fancy-pants basement of the Harrison, near Greys Inn Road/ King's Cross. It's a nice place, with good food. I think there are another two acts on - I'll be playing from 8:15. I'll be hungover, although in my experience this is not always a bad thing musically (it always is personally though). Come along!

Sun 05/08/12 - 6.30 - 12
The Virtually Acoustic Club, The Queen Boudicca (formerly called Kiss The Sky)
7-9 Pond Street, Hampstead, London, NW3 2PN
We both had so much fun last time that we're going to do this gig again. Ther only thing that's different is the date - August 5th, and the name of the venue, which has changed from Kiss the Sky to the Queen Boudicca. No tickets will be available on the door - so make sure you get yours from here: They tend to go quite quickly, so if you want to see Edwina in a rare London appearance, go get 'em. Stations nearest the venue are Belsize Park Tube and Hampstead Heath Overground and Sunday on-street parking is available nearby. See you there!

Sun 23/09/12 - 3pm - 3
Kiss the Sky, Crouch End
18-20 Park St N8
Next Spekki gig! Sunday afternoon cocktails in Crouch End between 3&5 (although you are allowed to drink cocktails later than this too).

Tue 30/10/12 - 7.45 - Freee!
The Finsbury, Manor House
336 green lanes n4 1by
Acoustic Musicborn at the Finsbury. I'll be on first, (7.45pm) supporting Slow Wolf. Lovely venue, 5 mins walk from Manor House tube. Free entry!

Sun 24/03/13 - 7:00 pm sharp - Free!
The Old Queen's Head, Islington
44 Essex Rd, Angel, N1 8LN
Don’t miss the next Spekki gig at the Sunday Social at 7pm on Sunday March 24th. It’s upstairs at the Old Queen’s Head (44 Essex Rd, Angel, London N1 8LN, 020 7354 9993) and it’s a free all day event running from 3 to 12. I’ll be on at 7pm sharp, but it’s worth going to see some other great acts, including the wonderful Yes Mess. In fact, the whole line up is here: 10pm - Dave Dixon 9pm - The Yes Mess 8pm - Modlin 7pm Spekkichris! 6pm - Joe Robbins 5pm - Super Full Moon 4.20pm - Will Robert 3.40pm - Hannah Rose Platt 3pm - Erik Rutterford At this gig I shall be playing several new tunes, so it would be nice to see what you think of them. One of them is now up on Soundcloud here:

Sun 22/09/13 - 19:00 - Free
The Finsbury
336 Green Lanes, N4 1BY Tube: Manor House
Nice free Sunday gig at a good sounding pub. Some other good acts on after yours truly too. 7.30 – Spekki Chris// 8.15 – Megan & the Marksman // 9.00 – Tandem // 9.45 – Broken Boat

Wed 09/10/13 - 9pm - Freee
The Library
235 Upper St, 
N1 1RU

 Tube: Highbury & Islington
This is at the pub on Upper Street that has changed its name 37 times in the last 8 years. But it’s been called the Library for a while now, despite the fact that it contains literally no books. Nice thai food though – and a mean portion of chips and cheese too. Lots of other acts to watch while you’re chewing your cheesy chips. Free entry. Onstage 9:00pm.

Wed 23/10/13 - 9pm - ?????
The White Lion
232 Streatham High Road, London SW16 1BB
Never been here before. In fact I’ve never been to Streatham before. But this is all for charity, helping underprivileged children. So if you don’t come, you’re probably some kind of monster. Find out more about them and the Lion here: Full Details TBC

Mon 05/05/14 - 4 to 10.30 - freeeee!
Islington Craft Cider Festival at The Library Bar
The Library, 235 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1RU - Opposite The Union Chapel
We'll have no Strongbow here! I spent much of my youth sampling ciders at the more industrial end of the spectrum, but now I simply won't touch an apple-based adult beverage unless it has been made by a craftsperson. Lots of Virtually Acoustic favourites at this all dayer in darkest Upper Street. Food will be available too. I'm on early - about 5.30 - which is good cos I'll be able to get the playing out of the way before I start smashing glasses and doing that thing where my eyes move independently of each other.

Thu 02/04/15 - 8pm - freeee!
The Bedroom Bar
62 Rivington Street
Last minute gig in fashionable Shoreditch! Other nice people playing! Free entry and I'll be onstage at 8pm sharp! Find it on Facebook here:

Sun 20/09/15 - 16:30 - Free!
Sunday Social @ The Old Queen's Head
The Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Rd, Islington,
Next gig is at this relaxed and fun afternoon/ evening/ basically all dayer in Angel. Expect a delay-heavy set from me, as well as a barnstormer from old Spekki favourites the Yes Mess.