Fri 29th Jul 2005

Soon I will be putting more music on the site so you can download it for free. Some people have told me Iím stupid for doing this Ė that I should be paid for my product and that Iím devaluing my music by giving it away. Iím not convinced of this though. (Actually Iím not even convinced that they are all my songs. I donít remember writing all of them.) And putting songs on the website requires much less effort than selling cds.

That's not to say I'm not going to do another cd - because I am. They look nice, and it gives me a sense of achievement. But just thinking about the amount of effort involved is making me tired.

Last night I met a guy in the pub called Wang. Heís a DVD pirate, although he doesnít look much like one. For example, he never wears an eyepatch, as he says it makes it too difficult to judge distance accurately when heís jumping aboard the HMV lorry from the back of his motorbike. I couldnít see a parrot either, although he smelt a bit funny.

We chatted for a while, once he got over the disappointment caused by me not buying any films. I explained that I prefer cartoons. He said that the bottom has fallen out DVD piracy, what with Amazon and streaming and so on and heís thinking about becoming an organic farmer instead. Apparently he has a hundred copies of the limited edition of The Shawshank Redemption (in the replica film tins) buried somewhere in Edmonton. Probably not worth enough to buy a farm though.